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Slovenian Special Police Unit

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Special Police Unit, SEP also known as “Red Panthers” – is a detachment of the Slovenian national police forces that is utilised for Counter-Terrorism and other high-risk tasks that are too dangerous or too difficult for regular police units.


The establishment of the first unit started in 1973 as a direct response to the hostage crisis at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich and the infiltration of the armed terrorist groups inside the Yugoslav territory in the same year.

After the break-up of the former Yugoslavia, the unit continues with performing the tasks and missions it was established for.


  • Anti-terrorist tasks like arresting of dangerous criminals and hostage situations.
  • VIP guarding.
  • Securing locations.
  • Fugitive hunting.
  • Co-operation with other Police units and their training.

Selection and training

The candidates who want to enter this special unit must be in service at least six and a half years. They also need a good rating of their work. Special knowledge like martial arts, shooting, skiing, etc. are also welcome.

Then the candidates are medically examined and then they need to pass various psychological and physical

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